Hello, my name is Rufina, I’m an artist, and creativity is my life. I grew up in a picturesque place, side by side with nature, rivers and horses. My Father taught me to drive a car since my childhood. So, then cars did not seem to me just like a piece of iron or a vehicle. It seemed to me as if they have a soul, I felt a special rhythm of their life. This continues to this day. Furthermore, I have been learning in the Art University.

Can you guess what I love drawing the most? Sure, american muscle cars, vintage classic cars, motorcycles and horses. Inspired by the surrounding world, step by step I am improving in my art. I prefer watercolor paintings, they are my assistant and my companion.The transparency, lightness, vision of my pictures are among the best positions to feel the wonderful facets of this world.

In my opinion, cars and watercolors are fit together. A car is a watercolor wind, watercolor lightness and changeability. Each car has its own individuality, but not everyone can consider it, not everyone wants, not everyone is trying.

My original Pictures of sport cars and classic cars, can be found all around the World: North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Most of them are in USA, UAE, Canada, Italy and Ukraine. If you would like to get one, please let me know. Just send me a Photo Picture, and I will create your car painting with a special watercolor technique. I do not use any filters or prints, only my hands and your picture.

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