Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What kind of paints do you use for your art?

I use watercolor paint and special watercolor paper.

How much time do you need to complete one picture?

It takes from 3 days to 2 weeks, depends on size and difficulty of design.

How much does original painting cost?

Price depends for size of picture.  The price for original, unique paintings starts from 100$ and up.

How should i pay for the art?

You can pay with MoneyGram, Western Union or PayPal.

What is the size of the art?

You could order painting with next sizes:

11×14 in

12×16 in

16×20 in

How much is Delivery cost?

Worldwide delivery is FREE!

How long does delivery take?

It depends on place, where are you live. Usually, shipping takes 3 weeks for USA, 3-4 weeks for Europe and Australia. Also, you can track a package with tracking number.

Could I also order a frame?

No, I don’t sell any frames, only paintings. It’s easy to ship my art in special tube, there are no space for frame.

Could you make some custom changes to my picture?

Yes, I can add some custom elements and change design, just let me know before I start.

Can’t find answer for your question? Please, contact with me here.